about me

My work is characterized by the use of carefully created grids, innovative materials and traditional (typo) graphic design techniques. It’s always based on a strong concept. I think it’s really important to find the fundamental challenge in an assignment; without a vision, a strong implementation is pointless.

Besides developing concepts, my strengths lie in the elaboration of the classic graphic design and branding projects. Together with my network I’m able to create whatever is needed to build a solid brand. Whether it’s graphic design, a digital implementation or a spatial solution.

After I graduated as a graphic designer in 2009, I decided to go to the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. In 2013 I graduated for my Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Graphic Design. By combining both studies I mastered the needed techniques to call myself a graphic designer. Both technically and conceptional.

A lot of the skills I use on a daily basis I learned at various internships and design jobs. I’m very grateful to the people who took the energy and patience to teach me how to be a good designer.

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