This is a selection of various great,
little projects I did at Tacx.

NEO 2T lifestyle images

2019 / 2020 — concept & art direction

With these images I liked to move away from the clean, daylight imagery and show a more realistic environment in which these trainers are used. At night after a long day at the office, pushing out every last bit of power you have. Pushing your limits means there will be sweat!

Images: Gerrit Schreurs

Water bottles

2019 / 2020 — graphic design

In a world of cycling you can’t escape designing pro-team water-bottles. A large part of the professional peloton is using Tacx water bottles. It was an honor to design the 2020 range. My vision is to make them as bold and visible as possible even within the strict boundaries of various team- and brand identities.

Tacx challenges

2019 / 2020 — concept, design, art direction

To add a competitive touch to the Tacx Training app, we created the challenges. A series of serious rides to be completed within a given time to earn a spot on the digital Heroes list and of course, a real life prize as well. Depending on the country you live in, you’ll either earn a water bottle or an embroidered patch.
An App with real life courses needs a real pro-rider.
The new Training App was launched starring Robert Gesink.
Robert is cycling in a improvised and postproduced paincave.

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